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by Jacob Bower

Happy Autumn, to all you coffee lovers, my name is Jacob Bower and I am new to Rubicon Roasting! As some of you may know, I was Sous-Chef at Needle Rock Brewing Company in Delta for some time. As the pandemic hit, the restaurant owners made the hard decision of closing for good. (BUMMER!!) Things were looking grim for my wife and, at the time, 4-month-old daughter, as we didn’t know where to turn for my next kitchen opportunity. Then, like a beam of sunshine breaking through thick cloud cover, my father-in-law, Jay, offered me an opportunity to come help at the roastery! (YES!)

It was a no-brainer deciding to work with Jay! I have so much love and respect for him, of course I will work alongside him to make things happen! As I said before, I have a background in the kitchen setting. The skills I have honed over the last ten years in the kitchen have made the transition to coffee roasting a real breeze. My knowledge, combined with an awesome teacher, has made this such a fun experience for me. While I’m not cooking or roasting coffee, you will likely find me either at the disc golf course in Hotchkiss or at a park in the grass, enjoying the shade with my wife, Brenna, and daughter, Lily. SO, if you huck discs and want a buddy, stop by the roastery and let me know, I’d love a new disc golf buddy!

Fast forward a few months to today, we are aiming to broaden our horizons. By this, we aim to get our coffee into grocery stores and coffee shops across the whole Western Slope of Colorado. This is where I come into the picture. My main mission for the past few weeks has been just that, to get our coffee on the shelves outside of the North Fork Valley. We have also designed new hats and beanies that will be available in the roastery, and the online store as well, so keep an eye out for those!

For the month of October, we will be offering $1.00 off per pound of our Guatemala City Roast. This batch of beans comes from the Quetzaltenango region of Guatemala on the Pacific coast. Like many coffee producing countries, coffee is Guatemala’s #1 export. This variety offers a plethora of flavors, including toffee and mango, with a delicate body, perfect for these cool fall mornings!

Check out our coffee accoutrements online or at the roastery. Essentials and luxuries for the Rubicon aficionado.

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