Tanzania Peaberry – Medium

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This is an awesome African coffee – from Tanzania – and it’s a peaberry.  Peaberry beans occur when only half of the two-sided Arabica bean is fertilized. They are rare, only 10% of the coffee being harvested is a peaberry.  They are separated from the regular beans when picked, and sold separately. They are smaller than regular beans, so they fall through all of the screens to the bottom when being sorted.  They also roast differently (being round) they take on the roast more consistently and evenly. It’s sometimes believed that because the single bean of a peaberry does not need to share nutrients between two separated beans, it has a superior flavour profile. We think the taste of this roasted bean is different from the ‘regular’ bean – ‘flat berry.’

Try this one out for a sharp sweet, brown sugar, chocolate toned, balanced cup of coffee.

We like this variety brewed as a drip/ filter brew.

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