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Here we are already putting out our second monthly blog post! Our first post was a wonderful success, and we loved receiving your comments, ideas and encouragement!

As we continue to write about all things coffee, we’re excited to touch on topics that many of our readers suggested to us last month.

Here are some questions you asked:

• What are the differences in grinders? How does the grind of a coffee bean affect the taste?
• Tell me about the farmers from whom you purchase your green beans.
• What’s the best way to brew coffee?
• Tell me about how Fair Trade works?
• Do you ONLY sell organic coffee?
• What is the “C” market?

There are many more topics to talk about! We’re so glad you’re in our community. Keep reading future blog posts as we dive into topics like these and beyond.

In this post, I’d like to elaborate on the recent changes happening here at Rubicon and share some exciting updates with you.

Moving into a new season and a new phase of growth

When I started Rubicon Roasting, I knew it’d be a small business here in the awesome Northfork Valley in Western Colorado. To be honest, I am honored by how much local support we’ve received in the short time we’ve been open. There are times I think I should have started with a bigger roaster!

Collaborating with Julie Bennett of Root and Vine Market has been a wonderful experience. She had a dream of opening a local market where wonderful food would be served, mostly right from our local farms. She also offers goods from local artisans and displays them beautifully in the market.

Julie and her family are also winemakers. Most of their wine comes from the grapes grown in their vineyards right across the street from the building where Root and Vine Market and Rubicon Roasting are currently located.

In addition to all of that, Julie loves great coffee too!

It was the perfect spot for me to begin Rubicon Roasting.

All three businesses – Root and Vine, the winery and Rubicon – are beginning to grow a bit more, and physical space is becoming tighter. So, we need to spread out a little to allow for continued growth.

After all, bags of green beans take up lots of space! And we’re now starting to order more and more bags of green beans with each month’s order.

Green beans

We’re moving about a mile and a half down the road, still on Highway 133, where you’ll find us roasting and continuing to provide awesome coffee!

Returning (time and again) to our values

One of our main goals at Rubicon Roasting is to do as little harm as possible to the environment while producing our coffee. We believe that every action we take toward minimizing or eliminating practices that harm the environment will build a more sustainable future.

Finding sustainable packaging is one way we can take action towards a sustainable future.

When you buy our beans from our store or online shop, you receive them in compostable bags. (The valve and the tin-tie need to be removed, and the rest can go into a backyard compost pile!)

But in order to sell our beans in grocery stores, we needed to use bags with different seals on them. Unfortunately, these bags weren’t compostable.

I find that filling landfills with material that won’t break down is wrong, if other options are available. That’s why we’ve been searching for another option.

And we found one!

After seeking, evaluating, and testing, we’ve now found a sealable, compostable bag! Here’s a mock-up:

compostable coffee bag

We’re in the process of bringing these into production now. The labels, which are also compostable, will allow us to keep waste out of landfills and stay true to our core values.

Every penny you spend on sustainable packaging, whenever you shop, makes steps like these possible.

Thank you!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

To celebrate our shared love of coffee, we’re offering a special through March 2019. One pound bags of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe are $12.50!

Click here to order online.



  • Claudia (big sister!) says:

    Great newsletter! Who knew you were such a good writer. Do you purchase stock photos (of the generic coffee stuff, not the bags)? Who is your editor? Great job to all involved. I guess I’m glad you’re moving, as long as it’s not to your house! 🙂

    Miss you. Wish you had a job opening, I’d apply and move in! 🙂

    • jay says:

      Thanks Claudia. Moving will be OK as all of the business (Rubicon AND Root and Vine, and winery) are growing so we do need space!

  • Claudia (big sister!) says:

    Great newsletter, good writing! I didn’t know you could write so well! Did you take all the photos or are some of them stock? They’re good. The layout is good and the content is engaging. Great job!

    • jay says:

      Hi Claudia, thank you so much for the great feedback. Some of the photos are ones I’ve taken and others are stock. I have Paige from Fruition Studios as my guru and editor for this project. She is excellent and VERY thorough. I’ll make sure she knows about your feedback as it is her doing! 🙂

  • Paige says:

    You’re kind to mention me, Jay. Your passion and focus makes translating your message a breeze! So glad to be working with you and helping you share your craft!

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